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1) Please completely fill out the desired form with the mandatory fields. Note that you will not be able to send it electronically without the form being completely filled out. If you are unsure about which fields are madatory click on the  "Highlight Fields" button.

2) Once the form has been filled out you have the choice of saving it to you local drive, printing it to you local printer or sending it by email to our Competition director directly.

a) For printing just click on the printer symbol on the top left of the form.

b) For saving it just click on the discette symbol on the top left of the form.

c) For sending it by email click on the "Submit Form" link on the top right of the form and follow the instructions. Then you will still have the choice of automatically sending the form with your local email program (e.g. Outlook) or attaching it to a web mailer (Yahoo, Gmail, etc). If you manually attach it to your email program later please send the form to autox@sccorvettes.org

d) If you E-Mail was correctly received by the unattended SCC Mailbox for processing you should shortly after receive a confirmation email that looks like this:

          [AUTORESPONSE] - Automatic SCC Auto-X Mailbox Response

This is a confirmation that your message has been received by the unattended SCC auto-x mailbox for processing. Thank You!


3) Please Note: Forms sent by email less than 2 days prior to the event might not reach us in time. In this case make sure to bring your printed copy to the event! 

 What the form does NOT do for you:

1) You still have to show up at the event registration desk and pay your dues.

2) Even if you submit the form by email, just to be safe bring the printed, prepared form to the event registration desk. 


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